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May 01 2017


Kids Acoustic Guitar

Looking for a kids acoustic guitar? If you are, then be prepared to evaluate a huge number of different instruments, because there are more acoustic guitars for kids out there than you could ever have imagined. Toy guitars have been on the market for years and there is still a great number of them available. You can buy a toy guitar for $10 or less, if, you are looking for a toy. Unfortunately, these guitars are just that, toys. They should not even be considered if you are looking for a genuine beginner guitar for a child who is serious about learning this instrument. These days it is relatively easy to find a genuinely well made, reasonably priced beginner instrument from some well known guitar brands. But, don't misunderstand. What I mean by relatively easy to find is, that they are out there. You will still have to spend some time and effort to find the right one for your child.

child's Guitar or Full Size Guitar

Once the decision has been made to buy a child's guitar. The next big decision is: What kind of guitar do you want to invest in for your kids first guitar? Many, if not most young boys and girls will probably prefer an electric, simply because of the cool factor. Yes, it is generally agreed that they are easier to play, primarily because the strings are easier to fret. I will concede that point, but I am heavily biased toward acoustics for a kids beginner guitar, so that is what we will look at here. For me, the primary factor to consider when shopping for a child's guitar, is the size of the guitar in relation to the size of the child. For many years it was believed that teaching a child to play on, say, a half-size guitar would result in learning bad playing habits. Also, it was believed, by many, that the skills acquired would not, very successfully, carry over to a full size acoustic guitar. Those ideas, generally speaking, have been discounted, and do not apply today. This change in thinking has given birth to a large youth acoustic guitar market. It is now an accepted fact, by most, that teaching a child to play guitar on an instrument that fits that child makes for an easier and more enjoyable learning experience. If you want your child to truly enjoy learning and stay with it, always be mindful of the guitar/child size ratio when buying a kids acoustic guitar.

Size and Learning

Though it is true that a seriously dedicated student will overcome any size issues that a full size guitar may present, there is really no reason to make learning any more difficult than is necessary. Today there are many youth acoustic guitars available for any size child. there are 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 sizes available from name brand and not so well known brands, in just about any price range. There are left handed youth guitars and even specifically targeted guitars for girls. You can also choose between a steel string acoustic guitar or a nylon string classical style. Whatever you choose when buying a kids beginner guitar, just remember that the Quality of the instrument, just as the size, will have guitar for toddlers to do with the child's desire to continue playing. If it sounds awful and is hard to play, chances are that he or she will be more likely to give it up. Personal fit and ease of playing are vital elements when choosing your kids acoustic guitar.

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